Logos Vector - Privacy policy

The most important for us is the privacy of our visitors. We have never provide the personal information to the third parties. Below you can read what kind of information we get from our visitors and the ways to protect it.


To store the information we do use cookies. It's contains your preferences when you visit our web site. Cookies exist only while the visitor navigates and reads the pages of logos-vector.com. When the visitor closes the web browser the cookies are automatically removed.

Web Beacons

To support logos-vector.com we use the advertisements. Ad provides by third parties who works with the Google Adsense program. This advertisment may contain cookies and web beacons. Those technologies uses for detecting more interesting ads and get the statistic of visitors. Using that they can get and information like your provider, web browser, IP address, country.

Log Files

We collect and use the data contained in log files as the most other web sites does. This information in the log files: your internet service provider, the web browser you used to visit logos-vector.com, your IP address, the pages which you visited throughout our site and the time of visit on our site.


If you are a copyright owner, or are person who authorised to act on behalf of him. And if your work has been copied with the violation of the of the copyright, please, contact us and provide all needed information. If you will have any other questions according our provicy policy, please contact us here.